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In our hot real estate market there are a lot of motivated sellers, and lots of motivated buyers, searching for their dream home in the Southern Georgian Bay area.

With some competition in the area, you may be wondering what’s the best way to stand out from the crowd. You’ve likely done some renovations, cleared out some clutter, added a fresh coat of paint and some new decorative items to your home in order to freshen it up. Is there anything else you can do to prepare to sell your home? 

The answer is a resounding yes! However, it will require you to think ‘outside the box’. When sellers are preparing their homes to sell, they often concentrate mainly on the space inside their homes and sometimes forget to consider the curb appeal that can be created outside. A backyard is a great opportunity to increase the allure of your home. To help inspire you, here are the top things buyers are searching for when it comes to backyard bliss: 


One of the top things that buyers are interested in when it comes to the backyard is privacy. While you don’t need to go ahead and enclose your backyard in 9-foot-high fencing, there are smart ways to increase privacy without breaking the budget. Hedges or tall decorative grasses, for example, can provide a greater sense of privacy and can help to increase a potential buyer’s interest in your home. 

Well-kept and attractive landscaping and gardening  

While we wait for those gorgeous spring and summer blooms, it’s a good idea to give some love to your landscaping now to highlight your yard’s potential. Clearing leaves and old plants, preparing your soil and cleaning off and arranging patio furniture will go a long way to highlight the outdoor living possibilities for buyers. As the weather warms up, you can start working on touching up that garden, keeping weeds in check, and maintaining your lawn. 

Good use of space 

If you’re worried that the size of your backyard is a drawback for potential buyers, you can re-evaluate how you’ve set up your space. You don’t need a gigantic lawn to impress; in fact, for some buyers it could mean unwanted maintenance and upkeep. Using your space in a smart way is often enough to up the appeal of your home’s backyard. One good strategy is to create and designate different areas in your yard. You might, for example, have a space designated for a vegetable garden, ornamental shrubs or trees, a space to sit and enjoy meals outdoors, and a place for children to play. 

Play spaces for the little ones  

If you live in a family-oriented neighbourhood, another great feature that potential buyers may appreciate in a backyard is a play structure or designated safe play area for children. If you already have one in your backyard, it may be a good idea to spruce it up a little and make sure it’s in tip-top shape to entice parents (and their little ones) to get excited about buying your home. 

Highlighting the best assets your home has to offer is a terrific way to get your home ready to sell, and it motivates buyers to make your home theirs. When doing so, don’t forget to think ‘outside the box’ and focus on highlighting the best aspects of your yard.  For more tips on selling your home, or if you are looking for the perfect dream home in Collingwood, the Blue Mountains, Wasaga Beach or anywhere in the Southern Georgian Bay area, connect with our knowledgeable, experienced Clairwood Real Estate team at 705-445-7085.