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There is a lot of work that goes into preparing a home for an open house. The main goal of hosting an open house is to allow each and every potential buyer to envision themselves being able to live in your home – and with these helpful tips, you can do just that. Here are the dos and don’ts when it comes to hosting an open house this year.

Do: Stage and clean your house

This one is a biggie. It’s hard to get a potential buyer to enjoy your home when they are looking at a disorganized mess. You’ll more than likely get a better reaction from people visiting your home if it’s 100% clean and prepared. Also, it’s important to think about the smells in your house. Do you still have a lingering seafood dinner smell in your home from the night before or does the furniture reek of dogs and cats? Just as important as everything looking clean, your home needs to smell clean as well. Just be as mindful as possible when eliminating odors when it comes to air fresheners or perfumed deodorizers as some people have severe allergies or sensitivities.

More and more people are leaning towards staging their house. If you feel that certain areas of your home are a little dated, freshen it up by staging it either on your own or by hiring a professional stager to attract more buyers. People need to envision themselves in your home so appealing to the masses should be at the forefront of your mind when selling. Need help with staging? A few pointers perhaps? Check out these trends to get inspired.

Don’t: Have your pets running around

Our pets are like family members too, we totally understand. However, some potential buyers can find them distracting or a bit of a nuisance when it comes to viewing your house. Also not to mention that many people have animal allergies, you would hate to cause such distraction that they can’t even walk through the home because they’ve had a sneezing fit or have a huge headache while viewing it – so it’s best to keep your furry friends out of the way.

Do: Advertise the open house

It’s obviously important to let people know about your open house so make sure to spread the word. If you’re working with quality Realtors® (like us) we can help you with that. However, don’t be afraid to post about it on social media on your own as well explaining when your open house will take place. Many people are searching for the perfect home online nowadays so it’s the simplest way you can have a hand in the promotion!

Don’t: Have loud music playing

We don’t recommend having music playing at all in order to create a nice, calming atmosphere in your home while people are viewing it. If you do decide to have music playing though, you want to make sure the music reaches a wide audience and creates a relaxing ambiance. You obviously don’t want to be blasting heavy metal and scaring away potential buyers from your home because you happened to choose a tune that your potential home buyers found offensive. Pick a good mix of music if anything and have it playing on a low volume so it’s more of a background noise.

Do: Let the light in

This one is often overlooked, but the brighter and more well-lit space is, the more appealing it is to the viewer. Lighting also plays a key role in creating an illusion that a space is bigger than it actually is. You don’t want visitors coming to view your home in the dark, so let that light shine!

Don’t: Have “off-limit” areas

The reason why people come to open houses is to see what the house looks like – and not just part of the house but the ENTIRE house. Therefore, it is so important to prepare every area of your home to be seen. If you have areas that are off-limits to people, it can turn people away from wanting to purchase your house. It’s also important that you’re not at your own open house. It can make people feel more pressured and uncomfortable if they know you’re there shadowing their every move. Your Realtor® is more than capable of holding down the fort so trust in their experience and do a bit of shopping or run a few errands while your open house happens.

Do: Have parking available

You want to be sure that anyone viewing your home has a way of getting there and that a nearby space to park is available. If you have a larger driveway, make sure you don’t have any cars parked in it (ask your neighbours for help if you need to park any cars at their place, they will likely be happy to help you out). As a bonus, in your advertisements for the open house, mention any nearby spots for people to park in or, if parking is limited, that might be something to callout as well.

Don’t: Prepare last minute

This is another very crucial step. Open houses take a long time to prepare and execute. There is a lot of time that needs to be spent on cleaning, staging, and advertising in order to have a successful open house so don’t wait too long to get your house ready before your potential home buyers stroll through the doors.

Do: Be creative

The more creative you can be, the better. Find ways to bring more life into your home and really showcase the best parts of your house for anyone attending to experience. One quick trick is to create a photo board of your house during different seasons. Or perhaps you can take photos of different setups you’ve had in certain rooms to help visitors see all the possibilities available. For example, maybe you had an office in the basement but now it’s a small at-home gym. Show your guests what they can do with the space if it was their own. Being creative allows you to stand out from the rest of the competition, so be unique and show your house the way you want it to be seen.

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