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Whenever or wherever you take your vacation, it’s always great to get away from it all, de-stress, re-charge and unplug…but what about money while you’re away spending it? One way is to save on home energy costs. Check out these 3 simple tips to give you peace of mind AND save on those utility bills while you’re gone.

Increase home safety & savings with technology

There are lots of energy-efficient ways to make your home look “lived-in” while away while also keeping costs down. Gone are the days of asking a neighbour to pop in twice a day to turn lights on and off. A simple way is to install LED lighting or outlet accessories which have controls and features that allow you to program them remotely. These are great for both interior and exterior lights. You can also set timers on lights before you go and do it the more ‘old-fashioned’ way. Remember though, that many such devices need Internet access, so don’t turn off your router before you go and have a plan in place if the power kicks out and you need the router re-booted. Also, if you don’t already have motion-activated sensors on outdoor lights, you may want to think about installing those too for year-round security.

Adjust the temperature

If you have a newer, ‘smart’ thermostat, it will likely have features that allow you to set it to different energy-saving modes. Read your manuals or hop online for more details on how to best use these handy, energy-saving tools. You’d be surprised how much you are paying to heat or cool your home when there’s no one there. Adjusting temperatures also applies to your water heater; you don’t want it using up all that energy to heat water when there’s no one there to use it. Either reduce the temperature or set it to ‘vacation’ mode if it’s a newer model. Just don’t forget to give it time to heat up again upon your return, but never turn it off completely.

Remember that “unplug” just doesn’t apply to you!

One of the easiest ways to save on your energy costs is to unplug all unused appliances and electronics; these continue to consume energy. Even everyday electronics such as stereos, charging docks, gaming consoles, coffee makers, microwaves and so on can be eating up your hydro! It’s also a good safety habit to unplug TVs and other such electronics that can be damaged if there is a storm causing power surges to your outlets or unprotected power bars.

These tips may not seem like a lot, but in the end, you will see a difference in your electricity bill after you’ve returned from your vacation. By slowly adding more ‘smart’ devices around your home, you’ll save money and safeguard your home while you enjoy your much-deserved vacation. We here at Clairwood Real Estate are always available to help you with handy tips, as well as with the purchase or sale of your home, condo or investment property in Collingwood, Blue Mountains, Grey County, Meaford or Wasaga Beach. We like saving money just like you, so whether you are looking to buy or sell, our team will expertly help you throughout the process. Call us anytime at 705-445-7085; we’re here for you.