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Trends come and go – some faster than others. As we enter a new decade, maybe it’s time to add a few new updates to your home to have it feeling fresh and up to your own personal style. This year, we predict a lot of throwbacks (with a modern twist), a lot of personality and a whole lot of functionality. Need new inspiration or are you looking to prep your place for an open house? Here are the interior design trends we predict for 2020. 

Vintage accents 

In with the old and out with the new. For the 2020s, expect to see some major throwbacks resurrect from the 60s and 70s but with a modern twist. Were not talking about lava lamps, wood paneling or shag carpets (don’t worry!) but do expect to see some cool, rounded furniture with pops of colour. You also might be thinking that wallpaper is a thing of the past, but it might just be in your future. More specifically floral wallpaper is no longer restricted to your grandmas living room. Play with cool prints this year because floral wallpaper is making a comeback. Welcome yourself to the ‘grandmillenial’ style. A world of wicker, or rattan furniture and antique art. That’s right, it’s all making a comeback this year. 

High contrast

Goodbye grey, hello colour! Let your personality shine through by throwing in your favourite pops of colours to your walls and cabinets. More specifically, 2020 is predicted to be the year of earth tones and warmer colours. No more frigid white and ice blue walls and accents. Warm up your space with more contrasting colours and more personality. The ‘warmer’ your space is visually, the more comforting it can be. Choose lighter walls to help your space feel bigger but don’t be afraid to contrast by throwing in dark accents. Throw in a darker coloured door which is also predicted to trend this year. 

Make every space a living space

When we think of our bathrooms and kitchens, we immediately think about them being essential rooms meant for a single purpose. But think more of that space and give it your touch of style. Let your personality shine through every room by adding fun colours and wall art (all-white kitchens belong to the 2010s). Expect to see a rise of coloured cabinets and playful geometric designs in our bathrooms and kitchens. Let every room in your house be a living room. Life’s better that way.

Plants (REAL, plants) 

No more fake plants! Brighten up your home by adding real plants. There’s more to having plants in your home than just aesthetics. They can make us feel good as well. Indoor plants can help boost your productivity, reduce stress, improve your mood and concentrations, clean indoor air by absorbing toxins. producing oxygen and so much more! Worried about maintaining your house plant? There are a ton of different indoor plant species you can get that require little to no effort to take care of such as Aloe or Spider plants. According to interior design specialists, olive trees are supposed to be extremely popular this year. They are small trees or bushes that are a light, sage colour that mix well with many modern interior designs and can grow inside. 

Function is key

No more closed off rooms. Open your space and do more. Open concept is a trend that we saw through the 2010s and you will more than likely see continue through the 2020s. The more functional the better. Consumers nowadays want the most for their money and want to invest in everything they buy. We are moving into a more eco-mindful world, so sustainability is important. Expect long term materials that last rather than traditional materials to make a splash this year. For example, quartz or faux marble is expected to be more popular this year as opposed to real marble or granite as it requires less upkeep and maintenance. 

Being different

Everyone is tired of seeing the same old thing in every single house they walk into. Stand out from the rest and show off what you love throughout your home. Take a walk on the wild side and play with colours and patterns. More importantly, do what’s comfortable for you. No matter what year or decade it is, making your house what you love will always be on trend. 

Love the space you live in and get inspired! Transform your home into something that shows who you are and what makes you happy. Looking for a place to call home? At Clairwood Real Estate, we can help! Our highly skilled and knowledgeable Realtors® would love to help you find a house you can make your very own home. Contact us today at 705-445-7085 and let’s get started!