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Why Curb Appeal Is a Big Deal

Why Curb Appeal Is a Big Deal

Here at Clairwood Real Estate, we are all revved up about the spring real estate market! Everyone’s busy preparing their homes to sell by cleaning, painting, upgrading, repairing and decorating as needed, but most of that work often focuses strictly on the interior of the home. While those efforts are certainly important for a successful home sale, we can’t forget the importance of sprucing up your home’s exterior as well. Curb appeal is not just a big deal when it comes to getting top dollar for your home, it’s necessary to motivate buyers to walk through the door in the first place. Even if you’ve just done a major renovation and staged your home to perfection, if a buyer doesn’t love the look of the home from the outside, they won’t want to venture inside.

Luckily, creating a strong curb appeal doesn’t need to take a lot of work or money. In fact, you can likely tackle a lot on this list in one weekend. We’ve 6 ways you can improve your home’s curb appeal to really wow potential buyers and get them to fall in love with your home:

1) Your lawn

Naturally you’ll want to keep your lawn mowed and in good condition, but there are a few extra areas that should not be overlooked. For example, fill in any bare spots with grass seed and top soil or purchase a few rolls of sod to patch up where needed. You’ll also want to manage your weeds if they are out of control; and be sure edge around driveways and walkways.

2) Trees, shrubs and plants

Stand at the end of your front yard and look at your trees and shrubs. Do they need some pruning and shaping? While you can often do this on your own, there are also experts you can hire if it’s a big or potentially dangerous job. If your front yard looks bare, you can purchase a few plants to give it some depth and colour, keeping in mind your type of soil and our cold Canadian winters when buying. Add fresh mulch to the base of your trees, gardens and shrubs; you’d be surprised how much it improves the overall aesthetic of your lawn. If it’s spring, summer or early fall, be sure to have some flowers in planters, especially near the front door. To really entice potential buyers, plant fragrant perennials such as lavender, honeysuckle, peonies or roses.

3) Your driveway

We often pay little attention to our driveways and walkways, until of course they are scrutinized by would-be buyers, then suddenly, every crack, loose stone and speck of dirt become very apparent. Start with a good power wash, and if needed, add a coat of sealant to your paved driveway if needed. Remove any weeds growing in the cracks, and inspect for areas where drainage or water can be a concern.

4) The front porch and door

Even if your front door isn’t your main entrance, it is still the focal point of any home’s exterior. Can your door use a new coat of paint, or a new screen? Again, this small investment can be quite impactful in the overall appearance of your home. Don’t forget about your lighting, planters, porch furniture, mailbox and even the numbers of your house. If they are old, faded and worn, they’ll need some love, or replacing. Add some cute touches like a welcome mat, a stylish rocking chair or new chiming doorbell.

5) Don’t forget the backyard

While the front curb is important to get folks into your home, don’t forget that they’ll be touring around your back yard as well. They’ll want to know it’s a well-maintained area so be sure to spruce it up as needed and clean up after your dogs if you have any. If you have kids’ apparatus and outdoor toys, be sure they are clean and in good repair.

6) Windows & your home’s exterior

Most people know to clean the windows both inside and out (keep an eye out for water damage, mildew and ripped screens), but your overall home might need a good power wash, especially if it’s got siding. Again, it’s a job you can do yourself if you’re the weekend warrior type, or you can hire someone to do it for you in a jiffy!

Highlighting your home’s features both inside and out is the best way to impress prospective buyers. While a little elbow grease may be needed, you’ll be glad you did it when the offers start coming in at – or above – your asking price! Your home’s curb appeal is the ticket to impressing those buyers so they fall in love with your home from the moment they step out of their car. Even in winter when our lawns are covered in snow, the overall look of your home will always be a key selling point. For more tips on what to do when listing your home, or if you are looking for the perfect dream home in Collingwood, the Blue Mountains, Wasaga Beach, Grey Highlands or Meaford, connect with our knowledgeable, experienced Clairwood Real Estate team at 705-445-7085.