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You’ve signed the purchase agreement, packed and moved all your belongings and are finally getting settled in your brand new home. Congratulations! The hard part is over! It’s now time to have fun, invite those friends and family over, and add the little touches to make your new digs really feel like home.

After decorating your bedroom, kitchen, kids’ rooms and living room, you may be wondering what you can do to turn your guest room from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’! Creating a warm and inviting guest space can be quite easy (and affordable). Here are three elements to consider when creating your guest oasis. 


One of the easiest ways to make your guest room inviting is to make it as comfortable as possible. A good mattress (not the old one with springs sticking out and sag in the middle) and a few fluffy pillows go a long way and will ensure that your guests enjoy a peaceful snooze when they stay with you. A big cushiony armchair is also a great addition. 

To ensure your guests enjoy the perfect temperature, adding a few extra, super cozy throw blankets in the winter (switch to lighter linens in the summer) is also a nice touch. Super plush guest towels are also a fan favourite. A word of caution, however –  don’t make your guest room too comfortable and cozy or your guests may never leave! 


Space is another consideration when creating the perfect guest oasis. If you have the storage room, it’s always nice to provide your guest with some space in the closet, or a couple of drawers to store their garments and other personal belongings. 

If storage is tight in your home, there are a lot of easy solutions. An armoire or even space on a bookshelf or rack in the room will provide your guests with a spot to put their things without subtracting from your much-needed space for storage.

The location of your guest room is also important to consider. If possible, it would be a nice idea to situate your guest room away from the family bedrooms or any high traffic areas (like the kitchen or family room) to allow for quiet and privacy for your guests.

Thoughtful Extras 

The last piece of the perfect guest oasis puzzle is the thoughtful extras that you can add to make your visitors feel truly welcome. These little add-ons don’t have to be complicated or extravagant by any means. You can add fresh cut flowers from your garden, new white slippers (from the dollar store), a glass and pitcher for water, a few interesting books or magazines to read, or some fancy soaps in the bathroom. You can also set up a charging station for phones and laptops, a lamp, small fan, and a clock – and don’t forget to leave your wi-fi password. All of these touches can transform your guest space into one that truly shines, and that help create lasting memories of their stay with you. 

Have you just moved into your dream home? How will you create an oasis for your guests? Share your tips and tricks with us at Clairwood Real Estate – we’d love to hear them! If you’re selling, or you’re still searching for that dream home or condo, be sure to connect with us. We love helping our clients find the perfect house in Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Blue Mountain and the Southern Georgian Bay area. Call our driven and experienced team of REALTORS® today at 705-445-7085 to see how we can help you.