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December 2021

Here we are at the end of another interesting year. Our lives have certainly changed over the past two years, and we have come to appreciate the comfort that our home brings us like never before. At Clairwood, we have been fortunate to help many clients find the perfect new home in the Southern Georgian Bay area. 

Our area has become a Winter Wonderland and the ski resorts are gearing up to open their operations. Many will visit from close and far to celebrate the holiday season in all different ways – how will you celebrate? Check out our article about Holiday Celebrations Throughout December.  

Also in this issue of the Clairwood Connection, you’ll find Market Stats for the Western District of the Southern Georgian Bay area; an explanation of Escape Clauses; a link to our latest blog “Eight Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Eco-friendly“; the latest real estate news and a link to our Featured Listings.

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Market Statistics 

The real estate market in the Southern Georgian Bay area continues to be brisk – the market is not showing many signs of the typical slowing for the holidays. In certain price ranges we are still seeing multiple offers on properties, and properties are continuing to sell for over their asking price. Here is our Market Snapshot for November 2021. To see the detailed Market Statistics for the Southern Georgian Bay Real Estate Market, click here.

Holiday Celebrations

Throughout December

There are lots of reasons to celebrate the season in Canada and it is always fun and interesting to know what our neighbours are celebrating. Do you and your family celebrate any of the following holidays?

Hanukkah – November 28 to December 6th – Hanukkah, also known as Chanukah, is the Jewish Festival Of Lights. The date it’s celebrated changes each year, depending on the Western calendar, but it usually falls in November or December. The celebration dates back to two centuries before Christianity began, and lasts for eight days. The word ‘Hanukkah’ means dedication, and honours one of the greatest miracles in Jewish history.

Saint Nicholas Day – December 6th – The legendary figure of St. Nicholas is derived from Nicholas of Myra who officiated as a bishop in 4th century Greece. During his lifetime he developed a reputation for gift-giving by putting coins in other people’s shoes, which accounts for many of today’s Christmas traditions that involve leaving gifts in shoes or boots.

Bodhi Day – December 8th – The Buddhist holiday that commemorates the day that the historical Buddha experienced enlightenment, According to tradition, Buddha had recently forsaken years of extreme ascetic practices and resolved to sit under a Bodhi tree , and simply meditate until he found the root of suffering, and how to liberate oneself from it.

Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe – December 12th  It is believed that a man named Juan Diego encountered the Virgin Mary twice in Mexico City, on December 9 and December 12 in 1531. According to legend, Mary told Juan to ask the bishop to build a church on Tepeyac Hill. However, the bishop needed proof of Juan’s encounter and asked for a miracle. Juan returned to the hill to see roses in a spot where there were previously cacti. When Juan Diego returned, he showed the roses to the archbishop and also revealed an image on his cloak of the Lady of Guadalupe. The bishop was convinced of the miracle and built a church in honor of the event.

Yule – December 21st – The Pagan holiday called Yule takes place on the day of the winter solstice, around December 21 in the northern hemisphere (below the equator, the winter solstice falls around June 21). On that day (or close to it), an amazing thing happens in the sky. The earth’s axis tilts away from the sun in the Northern Hemisphere, and the sun reaches its greatest distance from the equatorial plane.

Christmas Day – December 25th – The name ‘Christmas’ comes from the Mass of Christ (or Jesus). A Mass service (which is sometimes called Communion or Eucharist) is where Christians remember that Jesus died for us and then came back to life. The ‘Christ-Mass’ service was the only one that was allowed to take place after sunset (and before sunrise the next day). Thus, we get the name Christ-Mass shortened to Christmas. Christmas is now celebrated by people around the world. It is a time when family and friends come together and remember good things they have. People and especially children also like Christmas as it’s a time you give and receive presents.

Kwanzaa – December 26th to January 1st – The name Kwanzaa is derived from the phrase “matunda ya kwanza” which means “first fruits” in Swahili. Each family celebrates Kwanzaa in its own way, but celebrations often include songs and dances, African drums, storytelling, poetry reading, and a large traditional meal. On each of the seven nights, the family gathers and a child lights one of the candles on the Kinara (candleholder), then one of the seven principles is discussed. The principles, called the Nguzo Saba (seven principles in Swahili) are values of African culture which contribute to building and reinforcing community among African-Americans. Kwanzaa also has seven basic symbols which represent values and concepts reflective of African culture. An African feast, called a Karamu, is held on December 31.

Omisoka – December 31st – Omisoka is the last day of the year (New Year’s eve) in Japanese. Its origin is Misoka which is the last of the month. Omisoka consists of Misoka and “O” which means big. There are many customs for Omisoka in Japan, Toshikoshi-soba, Osouji, Toshinoyu and more.

Let’s all celebrate and honour the culture and diversity of Canada. This holiday season, ask your friends or co-workers what they celebrate this time of year and what their traditions are.

(Info from: www.ywcaniagararegion.ca/9-holidays-celebrated-throughout-december-and-january/)

What Does That Mean?

Each month we focus on a real estate term to help clarify its meaning.

This month we are focusing on Escape Clause.

An escape clause in an Agreement of Purchase and Sale allows one party to potentially back out of the deal, and is most often utilized by a Seller when a Buyer may have a long conditional period. For example, if a Buyer wants to include a condition to allow time for them to sell their existing home, a Seller will most likely want to ensure an escape clause is included to allow the Seller to continue to market the property and accept another offer that may be submitted. When this happens, a Buyer will most likely have an already agreed to amount of time to remove their condition and firm up, or it goes to the Buyer with the new offer.

Your REALTOR® will help you work through whether including an Escape Clause in your agreement is the right thing for your transaction.

You can find more Tips for Buyers and Tips for Sellers on our website.

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